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Tatami Rooms – Carle Place

Experience the ultimate in Japanese Dining. Tatami Rooms start at $40... Carle Place Only

Tatami Rooms

Glendale, Atlas Mall

Our Glendale, Atlas Mall location is approaching it's 7 year Anniversary...

Glendale Hibachi

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New Dishes

  • Butter Sautéed Oysters – $12
    Butter Sauteed Oysters

    Our Newest Appetizer on the menu! 3 Long Island Oysters marinated in white wine and butter over a bed of sea salt. If you …

  • Dinner Bento Box – $19.95
    Dinner Bento Box

    We now have a Dinner Bento Box! The Bento Box pictured comes with Steak in Teriyaki sauce, Shrimp Tempura, mixed veggies w/Alimentary and Sashimi. …