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Kagami Biraki & Mochi Making Ceremony, 1/11/13

Kagami Biraki

Kagami Biraki and Mochi Making Ceremony

Traditionally Japanese families will have a rice cake making event during the New Year Holiday. Sometimes the event will even be performed at Schools and neighborhood associations. The rice cake is called “Mochi”, and the rice cake making event is called “Mochitsuki” in Japanese. Children especially love the “Mochitsuki” festival.

Once essential to the New Year celebration, the practice of mochitsuki is now rare even in Japan, as busy people eat store-bought mochi rather than make their own. Mochitsuki, or mochi pounding, is when we pound steamed glutinous rice into delectable soft, chewy cakes.

In Japan, mochi (sticky rice dumpling) is a tasty treat made to commemorate special occasions, most notably the New Year.

Here at Shiro of Japan we decided to have our own Mochi Making ceremony. Check out the video and pictures below. Our very own, Hiro Ishikawa, owner of Shiro of Japan, was on hand to help with the Mochi pounding. Many of our diners also took a crack at Mochi pounding. A great time was had by all.

Check out our first Mochi Making ceremony at Shiro of Japan.

Here are some pictures of the Event. Just click on the pictures to proceed to the next slide…

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