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School Trips (Up to 75 People)

Our class trips program is designed to allow students to experience a little bit of Japanese Culture while enjoying some great food. Our program is perfect for classes up to 75 students. The price per student is $11, which includes tax, tip and soda.

The trip begins with a tour of the Restaurant starting with our Tatami Rooms (Carle Place). The Tatami rooms are personal rooms for our guests who would like to enjoy a more traditional Japanese experience. We explain how and why the Tatami rooms are used and the history of the rooms.

Next we bring the kids upstairs to our Japanese Garden for a Sushi demonstration (Carle Place Only). Here the kids can experience Sushi if they haven’t already. We also choose some students who are willing to try and teach them how to make some of their own Sushi.

From the Japanese Garden area we take them to the Hibachi Tables where we cook the students meals right in front of them. The Hibachi chefs perform a fun show that the Children always love including flipping of utensils, fire volcano’s and other fun performances.

  • Japanese Garden (35+ People)
  • Tatami Rooms (4 People)
  • Bridal Parties (15-100 People)
  • Tatami Meeting Room (24 People)
  • School Trips (Up to 75 People)
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